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Advanced metabolic profiling tools are very much required for accurate identification and reproducible quantitation of metabolites in large clinically-relevant metabolomics projects. They are required for creating internal standards as well.

Now, Isotopic Ratio Outlier Analysis (IROA) kits can help you with metabolite profiling. It uses 95% and 5% 13C abundance to identify and quantify molecules. 95% and 5% 13C labeling actually has a lot of benefits. Here are a few major ones:

It removes false data by giving rise to unique isotopic patterns which can easily be distinguished from natural abundance non-biological artefacts and noise.
Variances are removed. The identical compounds experience the same ionization efficiency and suppression during Mass Spectrometry (MS) analysis.
It is also cost-effective. You can mix and analyze 95% and 5% 13C samples together.

95% and 5% 13C labeling has many other benefits. You can go through other articles and blogs to learn them.

However, in this post, we are going to talk about the IROA metabolite measurement tools that are used for yeast profiling, bacterial profiling, and mammalian profiling. Consider going through the following portion of this article properly to know in this regard.

metabolite measurement tools

IROA Metabolic Profiling Tools

Here are the IROA kits that you can use for metabolic profiling:

1. IROA® 100-50 Quantitation Kit

The IROA® 100-50 Quantitation Kit can be used for yeast and fungal metabolic profiling. The kit is supplied with YNB media and energy sources and it provides reagents required for successful labeling, quantitation, and identification of biochemical compounds that are found in many yeast and fungal cell populations. Nevertheless, it must be combined with proper sample preparation and mass spectrometry. The kit components include IROA® 12C Biochemical Labeling mix, IROA® 13C Biochemical Labeling mix, IROA ClusterFinder™ Software, and the user manual.

2. IROA® 200-20 Quantitation Kit

The IROA® 200-20 Quantitation Kit, when combined with sample preparation and MS (mass spectrometry), provides all the reagents required for labeling, quantitating, and identifying biochemical compounds found in many bacterial cell populations successfully. It is supplied with M9 Minimal Media and energy sources. Its components include IROA® 12C Biochemical Labeling Mix, IROA® 13C Biochemical Labeling Mix, Two (2) DynaGuard Filters, IROA® 12C Amino Acid Labeling Mix, IROA® 13C Amino Acid Labeling mix, IROA ClusterFinder™ software, and the user manual.

3. IROA® 300 Quantitation Kits 

These kits are used for mammalian metabolic profiling. They are supplied with a medium based on Earle’s Balanced Salts (EBSS), Roswell Park Memorial Institute (RPMI) vitamins, and labeled energy sources. When combined with proper sample preparation and mass spectrometry, it provides all the reagents necessary for labeling, quantitating, and identifying biochemical compounds found in many cell populations. It is supplied as IROA PHENO-95-300 Kit, IROA FLUX-05-300 Kit,IROA ClusterFinder™ software, and the user manual.

A Renowned Metabolomics Company

‘IROA Technologies LLC’ is a leading metabolomics company that provides the kits mentioned above. You will find detailed information about the metabolite measurement tools on the website – Thus, log on to their website now. Also, feel free to contact them directly to know more. 

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