Let’s be honest. A car is much more than a means of transport. Whether you prefer driving a brand new four-wheeler or you take pride in your old Station Wagon – convenience is what you seek. However, it seems odd that we pay much attention to factors such as oil changes, fuelling, car washes, etc. but not enough to the car keys! As a result, we find it difficult to find a way out when our car keys bother us. In this article, we are going to break down several situations where you should immediately replace your car keys. So let’s check this out.

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1. Your car keys are lost or stolen

We will be discussing this problem first because it is more prominent than any other situation on this list. The main issue with the stolen or lost keys is that this problem poses a security risk to your ride. The same goes for the key fobs too. You might think that as long as you have another pair of car keys for backup, losing one won’t be a big problem. But that is WRONG!

You never know if your lost car keys are now in the wrong hands! If that happens, it will expose your car to risk. Even it can be vulnerable to theft. Therefore, if you have lost any pair of your car keys, replace the entire set as soon as possible.

2. Damaged car keys

Now, the damage is a common reason to replace your car keys. Constant use wears down the car keys. It means you should replace them from time to time. These days, most car keys come with a transponder, a small device that sends security signals to the ignition of the car to start the engine. This unit can get damaged due to problems such as moisture, etc. In that case, you will need new car keys. Also, you will have to reprogram the receiver device.

3. It is about your car’s security

These days, transponders are a device you will find in many of the modern automobiles. And we have been using this technology for the last ten to twenty years. Therefore, if you own a restored vintage car, you might want to upgrade the lock system and replace the car keys. These vehicles come with a distinctive charm – you consider the design or the strength. Updating these cars is not a big deal for professional locksmiths.

4. Malfunctioning Security Systems

The modern avatars of cars come with a wide variety of security measures that helps in deterring theft. These devices comprise much more than just a key. These combine everything from the ignition to the central computer and alarm system. If anyone tries to break into your car or if there is any system malfunction, replace the car keys. It will be necessary to get your security system back in form again.

Replacing Car Keys is not a big deal anymore

Replacing the car keys is not a problem as long as you have a professional locksmith by your side. Search online to find a trusted and reputable technician. You can rely on them since they have the technology, tools, and tactics. Also, they have years of experience in replacing and getting you almost any type of car key.

Now, let’s have a look at the mistakes you should avoid while hiring a locksmith for car key replacement.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a locksmith for car key replacement

·               Postponing the car key replacement – It is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, once you have discovered the problem with your car keys, consult a reliable locksmith immediately.  

·               Hiring the first locksmith you found online –Visit multiple locksmith websites, so you can check and compare to find the best one. Choose someone who offers the best solutions at competitive rates. Remember, just because hiring a locksmith is easier on your pocket doesn’t mean you are on the side of profit. So act smart.

·               Handing over the vehicle to the locksmith – Your car is your asset. Don’t let your locksmith have full charge of it.  

Contact a trusted locksmith

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