Want to add extra doses of fun to your grand event? One of the most entertaining ways to raise the bar of amusement at your party is to hire a photo booth. The rental photo booths are a brilliant way to preserve the memories of any events. It can be a wedding or a corporate event. However, if you are wandering about the rental price of a photo booth rental in Denver, it can vary. It is not a stable number set on the stone. Photo booths can come at different price rates. There might be several factors that can leave a crucial impact on the rental price of photo booths. In the upcoming passages, here are some points to consider.

Type of booths

The photo booths come in different shapes and sizes. That means you can choose from multiple photo booths. The common types are:

·         Open-air photo booths with a backdrop

·         Open-air style photo booths without a backdrop

·         Enclosed photo booths

The type of booth you choose will impact the final price you will have to pay for the photo booth. For example, the enclosed photo booths are more expensive than open photo booths with cameras and backdrops. It is reasonable since the enclosed photo booths require more structure and material than open photo booths. 

Enclosed photo booths need several scenes, unlike the open alternatives. On the other flip, a photo booth without a background is less expensive than open photo booths with a backdrop.

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Depending on what a photo booth package comprises can also leave an impact on the final price of a photo booth rental. It is also common that the price depends on the rental hours. Instead of renting a photo booth by the hour, it will be smart to hire for a three or four-hour rental package. Some service seekers also opt for more fulfilling packages that come with other features. The facilities include music, lighting, planning, etc. Depending on facilities included, the packages can cost from $800 to $1,300.


Exclusive features added to the photo booth packages can impact the final price of the package. The features that photo booth rental packages might include are photo galleries, additional props, custom backdrops, and photo albums. All these can come in the rates of photo booth rentals. Some Photo Booths with props can charge $500 for a four-hour rental package for a wedding.  


The other factors that can impact on the photo booth rental package are the date and time of the week. For example – hiring a rental photo booth at the weekend will be a more expensive deal than that of the weekdays. Thus, it’s quite common to see a propelling in the price when renting a photo booth for the weekend events.

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