Thursday, Nov 14, 2019
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Are you involved in a court case? Do you need help in handling the legal paperwork? If so, then you can hire a legal document assistant. A legal document assistant or an LDA is an independent paralegal who is authorized to prepare legal documents at the direction of the client. He registers in the county in which he provides legal document preparation services. In most cases, legal document assistants have the same training and educational background as paralegals.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should hire an LDA for legal doc prep in Sacramento. Later in this post, we will also talk about an experienced legal document assistant who has been providing legal paperwork preparation services in this city. So, let’s get started…

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Legal Document Preparation: Reasons to take help from an LDA

Here are some of the main reasons why you should give the responsibility of preparing legal documents to a legal document assistant:

  • First of all, legal forms are often very confusing. Filling out these forms can be overwhelming for an ordinary person who is not familiar with the court laws. Also, if the forms are filled out incorrectly, it can delay your case. Legal document assistants are completely familiar with the court laws. They know how to fill out legal forms with 100% accuracy.
  • Second, for routine paperwork, an LDA charges less than an attorney. In fact, sometimes, the fee differs a lot. You may save up to 90% of an attorney’s fees by hiring a legal document assistant for the legal paperwork. So, if you are looking for a low-cost alternative to an attorney who can help you have your required documents prepared.
  • Third, a legal document assistant is an experienced professional who is comprehensively knowledgeable about legal paper preparation guidelines. So, you can expect top-quality legal typing assistance from an LDA.
  • Fourth, a legal document assistant will prepare your legal paperwork in a quick and efficient manner. As I said earlier, an LDA is an experienced professional. And this is the main reason why they are able to prepare error-free legal documents fast.

In short, LDAs take all the hassle out of legal paper preparation. Hiring an LDA for preparing legal documents will give you peace of mind.

Nevertheless, by law, a legal document assistant neither can provide you with any kind of legal advice nor can represent you in the court. So, if you have no idea about your legal rights in a situation and you need legal advice to proceed, then you should see an attorney.

legal document assistant sacramento

An Experienced LDA in Sacramento

So, are you looking for a reliable LDA offering legal doc prep in Sacramento? Then you can contact ‘LegalDoc-prep’. You can meet David Weissman. He owns and operates ‘LegalDoc-prep’. He has over 20 years of experience in this field. He offers legal document preparation services for different types of court cases and legal processes, including divorce, marital settlement, child custody & visitation, child support & spousal support, etc. To know more, visit his website – now.

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