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Bed bugs are one of the most annoying insects that can cause you many sleepless nights. These uninvited guests usually enter our houses through luggage bags, used clothing & furniture, etc. Here are some common signs that confirm your house has bed bugs:

  • Dark spots on bed sheets, clothes, and walls
  • Blood stains on pillow covers and sheets
  • Egg shells in the hiding places of bed bugs
  • Musty odor, etc.

However, bed bugs don’t spread any serious or life-threatening diseases. But bed bug bites can cause itching, rashes, red spots, allergic reactions, etc. Also, these insects reproduce at a fast rate.

Now, one thing you can do to get rid of bed bugs of your home is to contact pest controllers offering bed bug control in Vancouver. You can try DIY bed bug control methods as well. Below, we are going to discuss some useful methods that you can apply to remove bed bugs from your home. Thus, consider going through the rest of the article properly to know more in this regard.

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Bed Bug Control Methods

Here are some methods you can try to control bed bugs:

1. Clean up the Clutter of your Home

A cluttered home means more hiding places for bed bugs. So, if you want a bedbug-free home, you must clean up the clutter of your home in the first place.

2. Use Special Bed Bug Mattress Covers

Bed bug mattresses can be very useful when it comes to controlling bed bugs. Mattresses are one of the common hiding places for bed bugs. Bed bug mattress covers or encasements envelop the mattress and box springs. They make it harder for bed bugs to reach you while you sleep.

3. Vacuuming  

Vacuuming your bed sheets, mattress, and box spring on a regular basis can help you reduce the number of bed bugs in your home.

4. Wash your Clothes and Luggage Bags in Hot Water

Washing your clothes in hot water and then drying them can kill bed bugs.

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5. Avoid buying Used Furniture

As I mentioned earlier, bed bugs can enter your house through used furniture. So, it is better to avoid buying used furniture for your home.

6. Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is one of the most effective ways to control bed bugs. Many professional pest controllers use this method to put an end to the bed bug problem.

Nevertheless, Do-It-Yourself bed bug control is a time-consuming task. It can be a stressful experience as well. So, it’s better to give the responsibility to professionals who have been in this field for a long time. It will give you complete peace of mind.

Get in Touch with a Renowned Pest Control Company

‘Vancouver Pest Control Ltd’ is one of the established and well-reputed companies that have been providing pest control services for a long time. They offer bed bug control in Vancouver at an affordable price. You will find detailed information about their bed bug control service on their website. Thus, log on to now to know more.

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