Friday, Jan 17, 2020
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Veg-tanned leather handbag-Quinoa Paris

One particular accessory that a number of people take into consideration as a necessity is nothing but a handbag. It is one of the most important accessories associated with any outfits. You might have witnessed that most of the ladies in Paris buy different types of handbags to go with their dresses. Are you planning to buy a new handbag? Then it is highly advisable to purchase aveg-tanned leather handbag a.k.a Sac à main cuir tanné végétal. In the online stores, you will be facilitated a variety of handbags from which you can have your pick at an affordable price. So, it is prudent to purchase your need from a trusted virtual store instead of visiting the physical stores. But prior to purchasing you should know about the vegetable tanned leather to understand why you are suggested to purchase a handbag made of this leather. So, go through the entire article attentively.

Leather Handbag

Some relevant info about veg-tanned leather

Vegetable tanning is the “chromium-free” method and no harmful chemical is used in this method. The process is used to stabilize the skins resulting in leather. It is a traditional and artisanal process which takes advantage of the tannic acids generally found in some plants, branches, leaves, and some fruits in specific techniques. This leather is usually made in France. The actual tanning process requires being finished almost three months. This process is sometimes accelerated with the addition of synthetic tanning agents, but this is ineligible for purely vegetable leather product.

Why you should purchase a veg-tanned leather handbag?

One of the best features in veg-tanned leather is its durability. Vegetable tanning is a form of tanning that makes the leather sturdiest. It develops a patina over time with prolonged use as well as exposure to the environment. That’s why vegetable tanned leather has much longer life as compared to the chrome-tanned leather. It is breathable and the product such as handbags is quite comfortable to use. This is the main reason why many people in Tokyo, Berlin prefer to use a veg-tanned leather handbag a.k.a Sac à main cuir tanné végétal.

Veg-tanned handbag

The organic materials are used in the process of vegetable tanning and natural tannins are obtained from the barks, leaves, and branches of trees and plants. Consequently, the colors formed of the leather are rich and deep in natural earthy tones such as brown, red, yellow, etc. The fibers of the animal hide used for making this leather are visible in the finished product resulting in lending authenticity and personality to the leather makes it more unique. That’s why the handbags made of this leather are quite popular in New-York.

Vegetable tanned leather also has a woody fragrance. The handbags made of this leather have unique shades and nuances which are a mark of genuineness.

A trusted online store to purchase your handbag

In order to have a veg-tanned leather handbag a.k.a Sac à main cuir tanné végétal, you can contact Quinoa Paris, a trusted online store. Visit to unveil their collections and place your order.

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